Tuscany National Resort & Club

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Park Street Development Group and Buena Vista Hospitality Group (BVHG) are in the final stages of due diligence for their latest venture, the acquisition of a stunning 200-acre property nestled in the heart of the Tuscan region of Italy. This captivating new hotel, aptly named the “Resort e Club Nazionale della Toscana,” which translates to “Tuscany National Resort and Club,” is set to become a jewel in Tuscany’s crown. With construction slated for completion in 2024, this project is nothing short of extraordinary.

A Golf Oasis in Tuscany:

The Tuscany National Resort and Club promises to be a golfing paradise, a sanctuary for enthusiasts and travelers alike. With a prime location, guests can expect breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside and a serene ambiance. The resort’s 18-hole golf course, crafted by the acclaimed Gary Player Design team, blends seamlessly with the natural landscape, creating an unparalleled golfing experience.

Following the 2023 Ryder Cup:

This announcement comes on the heels of the highly anticipated 2023 Ryder Cup, held at the prestigious Marco Simone Golf Club just outside of Rome, Italy. Golf enthusiasts and tourists from around the world flocked to Italy for this prestigious event, and now, they have the opportunity to continue their golfing journey in Tuscany at the Tuscany National Resort and Club.

Impact of the Ryder Cup on Golf Tourism:

The 2023 Ryder Cup in Italy was a monumental success, both on and off the course. The European team’s thrilling victory over the United States drew over 280,000 spectators, creating an electric atmosphere.

Scott Brown, CEO at Park Street, expressed his excitement about the project, saying, “Our vision for the Tuscany National Resort and Club is to create a destination that seamlessly combines luxury, natural beauty, and sustainability. Italy’s rich culture and stunning landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for this endeavor. We believe this resort will set new standards in the world of golf tourism.”

In terms of economic activity, the Ryder Cup generated over €300 million for Italy. This figure encompasses revenue from ticket sales, hospitality packages, and merchandise sales, underscoring the event’s significant economic contributions.

According to a recent article by Private Club Marketing, Since 2020, the economics of golf in Italy have increased by $600 million to $2.1 billion, marking a remarkable 40% increase. Moreover, the number of international golf rounds played by tourists has risen by 60% to 450,000, further highlighting the country’s growing appeal as a golf destination, despite having only 260 golf courses.

Italy’s Commitment to Sustainable Golf:

Italy is also emerging as a leader in sustainable golf. Several golf courses in the country have embraced sustainability initiatives, such as water conservation, renewable energy use, composting food waste, and native vegetation planting. Notable examples include the Marco Simone Golf Club, the Argentario Golf Club in Tuscany, and the Chervò Golf San Vigilio in Lombardy.

The Italian Golf Federation actively promotes sustainability in golf by collaborating with golf courses and providing resources to implement eco-friendly practices. The Italian government supports these efforts by offering financial assistance to courses that adopt sustainability initiatives, further solidifying Italy’s position as an eco-conscious golf destination.

Zack Bates, Co-Founder at Park Street, commented on the growing appeal of Italy as a golf destination, saying, “Italy’s hosting of the 2023 Ryder Cup has undeniably put the country on the global golfing map. With picturesque courses, a diverse cultural experience, and a commitment to sustainability, Italy is becoming a must-visit destination for golfers seeking memorable experiences. The Tuscany National Resort and Club is a testament to Italy’s potential as a premier golf destination.”

As the Tuscany National Resort and Club approaches completion, Park Street Development Group and BVHG are poised to capitalize on Italy’s newfound enthusiasm for golf. With a commitment to luxury and sustainability, Park Street’s dedication to creating this golfing oasis in the heart of Tuscany underscores their commitment to Italy’s growing stature in the world of golf. This remarkable project is set to solidify Italy’s reputation as a top-tier golf destination, inviting golf enthusiasts and travelers from across the globe to experience the allure of Tuscany’s golfing paradise.

The future of golf tourism in Italy shines brightly, offering a blend of sport, nature, and sustainability. Stay tuned as Park Street Development Group brings this vision to life, inviting golfers to experience the beauty of Tuscany’s landscapes and world-class golf courses.